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Web & security provider

Complete web solutions

Our solutions is custom built on the newest technology and design thinking of web 4.0 making us ready for the world of tomorrow


To ensure we deliver top of the class products we have singled out what we are good at, both as individuals and as a team. And we do know a bit of how these services comply each other, giving us the ability to deliver a broad but solid spectrum.

In our daily struggle to deliver services we are proud of, we have acquired a small network of trusted partners to ensure the project if needed.

If you are unsure of what we can do for you or the company you work with, please take a look at our portfolio and showreel. We stive to deliver custom content and solutions ready for the future of internet.

Many agencies only provide design, or code. We deliver both. We specialize in good customer experiences and building good solutions for your customers to enjoy and return to.


Web Development

We deliver complete web solutions. Simple and complicated systems allow you to easily update content and control as you want.

Domain names

Domain. Your domain name is one of your important points in your strategy. We fix that in no time! 


We create concepts and develop solutions that use Blockchain. Have you considered the possibilities of your business having a token or custom chain?


Safety is something we attach great importance to. We can run routines on security in your systems.



Automated Backup

Always backup! We have multiple solutions for safe and responsible backup routines. All automated.


Custom WordPress

With the power of open source technologies like WordPress.


Web Solutions

We are proud to deliver full-service web solutions. Using the latest of design & code principles we are always one step ahead.

Our web service includes, web hotel hosting, CMS, responsive design, support and SSL certification, to ensure you and your customers have the best and a secure experience at the same time. We also have regular backup routines and we are constantly working to improve, giving our solutions the latest of technology. We have created some packages to ensure you pay for only what you need.

Full service

Our full service plan

Part service

Some of our services can be quite comprehensive and if you would like to only use bitpartner on a tiny bit of your project you can! Get in touch with us and tell us what you need us to do.

Get started with us today!